Trim, dry and store more cannabis with Metro.

Metro Cannabis Solutions

Metro is the premier storage, processing & productivity solution provider of the cannabis industry.

We focus on supplying innovative storage solutions tailored to help cannabis growers and processors meet their goals of creating high quality products. Metro has solutions that can touch every process within a growing facility. We have worked with some of the largest growers in the industry to design solutions that are meant to help companies meet increasing regulations and increasing demand for high quality medicine and products. Not only are we continuously innovating within the cannabis industry, but have been the leading provider of solutions for several other markets including foodservice, healthcare, and laboratories for over 80 years.

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Let us show you how Metro can improve your Cannabis process!

The hanging and drying process...Perfected.

Metro premium shelving solutions like Super Erecta Cannabis Drying Racks are designed to optimize cannabis processing. From storing...we’ve got it covered. Open wire design allows for maximum airflow and shelves slide out to convert the unit from a tray drying to hang drying unit. Available in stainless steel for maximum rust resistance and easy cleaning.


Get it done faster with PrepMate. Maximize workflow and get more out of every cut.

PrepMate is a multifunctional workstation designed around the operator to eliminate space constraints and increase overall productivity. Trim, slide, clean, store or transport in a smaller footprint. Prepmate is efficiently sized & accessorized to maximize space and allow for a streamlined cannabis trimming & manicuring.

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Clone your plants, and your space.

Gain the most possible space with Metro Top-Track High-Density Storage Systems. Movable asile concept allows you to take advantage of every inch. Accessorize with tray slides, bins or simple ledges and dividers to fit your specific application. Available in all Metro shelving styles including all-polymer MetroMax 100% rust proof shelving.

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More solutions.

Wire Utility Cart
Stainless Steel Utility Cart
Transport heavy plants throughout every area of the facility.
325x420 Security
Security Shelving
Protect valuable product or supplies from pilferage.
Mobile Stainless Worktable
Stainless Steel Worktables
An ideal work surface for processing. Available in both mobile and stationary.