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Accessorize it.

It’s amazing when you accessorize.
Having the right tools at hand can make all the difference. PrepMate is the right tool for the job. Learn how to set-up your PrepMate to make the most of every inch in the kitchen and get the job done faster, better, and with less elbow grease with our handy accessories.

36" PrepMate
with extended work surfaces
24" Prepmate
with Magic Ring & Utensil Bar
36" PrepMate
with cutting board holder, extended drop-in work surfaces, pan rack & utensil bar
48" PrepMate
with cutting board holder, extended work surfaces, pan rack, knife holder & utensil bar

Open-up efficiency with a Magic Ring.

This simple accessory provides the ability to maximize every inch. Why have small pans or containers occupying space where you are cutting or preparing food items when they can drop-in and slide under the surface. It allows you to hold smaller 1/3 or 1/6 sized pans. Separate scrap from usable in seconds or arrange multiple ingredients for quick clean access. However you choose to prepare your space, the magic ring can will help you recover time, space and efficiency. 

PrepMate_Magic Ring
Magic Ring 300x400

Get the extra space you need with extended work surface options.

Looking for more work space? Need one more place to put needed supplies or ingredients? Why not add on one of our extended work surfaces. Sometimes your prep process has multiple steps or needs a place to transfer scrap... the extended surface is perfect to aid in the process. Choose from one of two styles; Drop-in to accommodate small pans; or solid stainless steel for added surface. 
PrepMate_Extended Surfaces
Prepmate Extended Worksurface 300x400

Have quick, clean, effortless access with the cutting board holder.

Making trips across the kitchen to clean or swap-out cutting boards kills productivity. With PrepMate, you can store your cutting boards conveniently at hand. Change between prepping poultry, seafood, or vegetables without skipping a beat. The holder can accommodate up to (3) 18"x24" cutting boards.

PrepMate_Cuttingboard holder
Prepmate Cuttingboard 300x400

Access & store pans under the work surface with Pan Holder.

Storing the right items in close proximity is ideal when prepping for the day. Configure your Prepmate with a handy pan holder that mounts below the work surface. Store pre-prepared items, finished prep... and more. Holds all depth full size pans, hot or cold.  

PrepMate_Pan Holder
Pan Holder_300x400

Keep it right at hand with a Utensil Bar.

When setting up your workspace for each task sometimes the surface is full before you even start. Removing common items such as towels, knives, tongs or spoons can give you more space to prepare. The all stainless utensil bar provides the perfect place to store these items. Located right by your hip, you can access them with ease. Utensil bars come standard with 3 hooks.
PrepMate_Utility rail
Prepmate Utensil Rail 300x400 copy